For tonight’s performance, the role of Napster will be played by Bitcoin

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Even though I felt like I was one of the ones that ‘saw Napster coming’, I don’t think any of us could have predicted the speed and the totality with which it took over.

To me and a lot of my colleagues, Napster was our first lesson in the power of the network effect of the internet. …

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A look at how cryptocurrency gamblers view things a little differently than traditional gamblers and sports bettors.

Last time out, we took a brief look at how the people that gamble with crypto think, and more importantly act, differently.

Continuing to dig deeper into the mind of the crypto gambler, today we look at how the use of crypto affects the gambler’s mentality.

I am reminded of a time recently that I had lunch with a friend of mine who I knew to be a big bettor. I found the chat fascinating.

He had placed a futures bet on an event that would take place in two months’ time. We were discussing the merits of the bet itself, when he offhandedly mentioned that he ‘bet that one in Bitcoin’. …

Lessons from Rock and Roll, Volume 1

an empty stage waits for musicians
an empty stage waits for musicians

Many people don’t know that before I was in the gambling business, I was in the music business. I worked for Atlantic Records, then in artist management, then later was named the President of an Atlantic subsidiary label. With the advent and adoption of the CD, the music business was booming.

But dark skies were lurking. The advent of file sharing was still a fringe activity, but it was starting to have an impact. People weren’t buying music, they were giving it away by sharing it. …

crypto gambling customer
crypto gambling customer

My guess is you’ve been hearing for at least a couple years about the massive opportunity in the crypto gaming market. I can tell you the opportunity is very real — well into the billions of dollars. But the single biggest learning for me over the past three years spent at the center of the intersection of digital currency and regulated gaming is that the crypto gaming customer is different.

The culture of crypto is different. Crypto people are, by definition, a group of people with a higher risk tolerance than most. If you’re still unsure, a glance at the 12 month price chart of Bitcoin should suffice. …


John Caldwell

Founder: ASG Solutions. Software for facilitating transparent gaming. Chips & salsa connoisseur. Broncos, LA Kings. Carlsbad, CA/Charleston, SC

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